New Horror Movie Masooda on Ott

Horror movies are a genre of film that typically features suspenseful and scary scenes. They are often designed to frighten and terrorize viewers, and may sometimes have humorous elements. Horror movies often deal with topics like death, the supernatural, and mental illness.

Horror movies are a dime a dozen these days, but there are still a few that manage to stand out from the crowd. Masooda is one of those movies. It is currently available on aha OTT along with many other new Telugu movies 2023. If you subscribe to aha OTT, you will be able to watch a vast collection of Telugu movies.

The Cast  of the movie

The cast of the Horror movie masooda includes some of the biggest names With Akhila Ram as Masooda , Sangeetha as Neelam, , Kavya Kalyan Ram as Mini, Thiruveer as Gopi , Shubhalekha Sudhakar as Rizwan, and Bandhavi Sridhar as Nazia as its main cast, Masooda is directed by Sai Kiran. In particular, Sangeetha’s role as a mother and Thiruveer’s role as a neighbour is perfect.

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Story of the movie

It is a fairly normal middle-class life for Neelam (Sangitha) and her daughter Nazia (Bhandhavi Sridhar). Their neighbour, Gopi Krishna (Thiruveer), an employee of a software company, maintains a good relationship with them. Neelam notices a sudden change in Nazia’s behaviour and seeks help from her sole neighbor Gopi to save her daughter Nazia from the evil force that threatens her. They suspect Nazia is being possessed by a devil, Will Nazia be rescued? Watch this movie on Aha to find out who is evil and what it does.

Watch Masooda online on Aha

Telugu horror movies with exciting, suspenseful, thrilling, and mysterious stories will be best. Aha is excited to bring you the newest horror movie, Masooda. This movie is sure to send chills down your spine and have you on the edge of your seat. Masooda is a well-written and well-acted movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you’re looking for a good horror movie to watch, Masooda is definitely worth checking out.

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